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Wiring my motor

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Jacus Aucamp jacusauc

Wiring my motor

28/06/2018 at 12:29

Hi everyone

I bought all my bits and bobs and I’m ready to put it all together but I don’t know how to wire up my motor. I’ve had a look on YouTube ofcourse as it is the idiots bible for learning new things 😁 but I’ve had no luck. Just to let you know I bought a 8 pole 0.12kw (0.16hp) 230v b3 foot mount motor.
It would be very helpful if anybody knows of a link/video I can watch or if someone can tell me how to wire it. I had an electrician look at too but he didn’t exactly know how to wire it either…so I’m at a brick wall at the moment and I need to get over it to start my production.
Looking forward to your support comments.
Cheers amigos

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In reply to: Wiring my motor

28/06/2018 at 16:03

That’s a 3 phase motor, you have 3 phase power?
If not you can make it a single phase but you will loose a lot of power and its already a low power motor.
What is it going on?

In reply to: Wiring my motor

29/06/2018 at 08:08

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I know it’s a single or 3 phase motor. What I didn’t know is that the motor will have less power then it has if I wire it up as a single phase. I don’t have 3 phase power anyway. Any ideas how to wire it up in single phase? The instruction booklet doesn’t say much at all.

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