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Workshop for children – Plastic Soup Game – NL

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Antoine Savelkoul a-savelkoul

Workshop for children – Plastic Soup Game – NL

18/07/2019 at 21:13

At Precious Plastic Gouda, were currently developing a workshop for children. We like to use a minimum of equipment and tools. A shredder, simple oven, silicone molds and baking gloves should be the minimum. During the workshop, children will create a game with game pieces from recycled plastic and optionally a game board from self recycled paper.

Beside from learning how to recycle, we like to learn them other relevant skills like:
* Mind mapping, thinking about game rules in the context of plastic soup. For example collect plastic pieces from a game board using ships as game pieces.
* Designing a game board.
* Thinking about what (recycled) materials can be used.
* Working in groups.

The workshop should also be that easy that teachers at elementary schools can do it themselves.

Our question. Are there other people who are working on similar projects or like to get involved? It does not necessarily have to be in the Netherlands.

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16/10/2019 at 11:18


Soy maestro y estoy pensando en instaurar algo parecido en Madrid, España- Tiene más datos de cómo hacerlo?


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