October 18, 2017

Help us to spread it around the world army!

As you probably have seen we’ve released Precious Plastic Version 3. I spend the last year on it together with 10 people from around the world. Intense but inspiring period. Now ready to be unleashed. A crucial part for the project is to spread our information around. So people that want to get started recycling plastic actually know our information exists. For free.

This means promoting. But here is the thing. We suck at that. See we are those people that like to spend time in the workspace, build/make/experiment/shoot videos. We don’t have amazing networks, know the best blogs or writers to get in touch with. + our energy levels are simply drained at the moment. This is where we NEED HELP. Bigtime. A powerful thing for EVERYONE to help out with is to shoot a mail to your favourite blog, asking them to write a little article on Precious Plastic. You can find our official press release + big images here

Oh and sharing our stuff or showing it to your friends is also amazeballs. Thanks community ❤️