All our projects are open-source and community driven. But its not only the people that are currently involved who make this place to what it is. Its build upon the work of others. Over the years i’ve worked with people from all over the world that wanted to help out. Some stayed around months while others only weeks. Either way their efforts have been significant for this community. This page is to make sure those who did something remarkable wont be forgotten. Oh. Just so you know, its not easy to end up here…not at all –Dave

Olivier started helping out moderating in our community. He has been a huge help in making sure everyone finds their way in the forums. Specially right after the launch of Precious Plastic Version 2.0 when it was a complete chaos. –currently stil involved
He was suddenly in our workshop all the way from Berlin because he wanted to help out with Precious Plastic! Amazing! He has been hammering the website UX/UI pushing to get the message out as clear as possible, currently still involved working on V3.0. –currently stil involved
The Mexican guy that came voluntarily and paid his ticket to help out with a project. Still amazed by this! Although his time was limited due to stupid visa reasons he put all his energy into improving the precious plastic machines!
Yes, the Dutch machine builder that replied to the video! He ended up putting way more of his time into the project. He is the reason the machines are rock-solid.
He originally started blogging for Phonebloks and slowly grew more in the community. He has been a great help in our social media channels and managing our original Phonebloks community. Where it all started.
Gawin entered after Phonebloks came online. Het helped me to get all my online shit together.  He inspired me to work scalabale and productive. Which has been a crucial to manage open source projects online with a small team.
I still share my workspace with this guy. He has a great knowledge of materials and i’m always picking his brain to discuss weird new plans.
I shared my workspace with this fellow. He is always in for a good brainstorm about any project. He has practically seen every project seen develop from scratch