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Plastic Life is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, CA focused on reducing the plastic pollution problem in low income communities through collections and recycling of plastics from local organizations while providing job training opportunities to homeless and unemployed people. 1 Plastic Life works to improve Los Angeles communities by: 1) Building partnerships with local business and organizations to collect ther ther plastic waste for recycling 2) Providing jobs for unemployed and homeless people in our community 3) Engineering and fabricating machines to recycle plastic waste to manufacture beautiful creations that we give out as incentives for donations to fund our growth 4) Educating our community on the importance of stopping the consumption of single use plastics and offer alternatives 5) Providing educational resources to underprivileged individuals to help them succeed and thrive; and 6) Sponsoring beach cleanups and or community cleanups. 1 Plastic Life has built multiple plastic recycling machines based on the Precious Plastic designs and collaborates with Precious Plastic Los Angeles.

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