• Dear pporg
    As the o.p., I can certainly tell you what i have in mind. I described it somewhat in my message to s2019. My students will be tasked to create a new product out of recycled plastic. They can use any plastic or production method they want, but in researching the topic I came up with the shredder here. I thought that having a shredder…[Read more]

  • Dear pporg,

    Thanks I will check out the link you posted on version 4. If you read the note I sent s2019, it describes the particular project my students will be working on. This course will take place Sept-Dec, but I have a PhD student starting development in June for a few weeks.


    Funny how you suggest I avoid the shredding – that’s my main…[Read more]

  • Dear s2019
    Thank you for those useful suggestions! The students are final-year Chemical Engineering students, this is an elective course. I usually teach a variety of topics on polymers – everything from the chemical reactions, to plastic properties and methods of shaping plastic. I’ve decided this year I will get them to do project on inventing a…[Read more]

  • Thank you! I’ve found a colleague who is interested in using it also, and a piece of equipment we may re-purpose. Its got a hopper, grinder and motor and I think was used for some agricultural projects.

  • Hi! Thanks! I’m at a university with a fully equipped lab, machine shop, electronics shop, and students are trained in safety so that is not my main concern right now.

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  • Hi folks
    I am a professor of Chemical Engineering in Canada, and I teach a course on Polymer Engineering. Next semester I will be assigning a term project for the students to create a recycled polymer (plastic) product. That is how I found this page!


    I do have at tiny budget and I plan to build some of the equipment used here. I would love to…[Read more]