• You don’t think it could work this way ?

    Otherwise, we thought that welding a steel piece to the crankset bike that will fit with the existant shaft might be a way of doing it. But we need to have a connexion that is rigid and something to make the shaft turning with the crankset. Because, as it is, circle inside circle won’t make the shaft turning.

  • Hi everyone, we finished our bike powered shredder ! It works but it won’t last if we don’t modify our shaft.

    We connected the original shaft of the shredder with the crankset of a bike, which need a tapered end to fit, so we modified ourselves the shaft but we removed too much material so it’s twisting.


    We think that we need to make a new…[Read more]

  • Hi ! Thank you for your response ! I already searched on these topics but i didn’t see anything about using one or two bicycle chains, what is advised ? And how should be the sprockets if we use two chains

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  • Hello the Precious Plastic community. With some friends we have started the adventure of plastic recycling. We have the shredder case and when the question of the power source came up, our choice turned to the bike (for the moment).

    We bought a spinning bike, a exercise bike already fixed on the ground, already equipped with a flywheel and we…[Read more]