• @tedzeman I just tried it from my desktop and it pulled up fine. I guess the document was too large for my phone. Thanks for checking on the situation!

  • @s2019 Thank you for sharing the link to the human powered shredder. To answer your question, no I have not attempted to build any of the other machines as of yet. I am really new to the concept of creating merchandise from plastic, and after exploring the idea, I thought that the human powered shredder would be more cost effective start for…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    I am interested in learning ways to recycle and repurpose plastic. I am currently seeking access to the downloadable blueprint for the Shredder, but I am having no luck with the download. If anyone is able to assist me, I would greatly appreciate it.y plan is to develop a model that operates on human energy versus a battery or…[Read more]