Patrick Walker

The Applied Arts Center of Cincinnati is a mobile makerspace and applied arts incubator. As an applied arts incubator, we take a holistic approach to assisting people in creating sustainable livelihoods through their craft. Meaning: whatever you do, whatever makes you thrive; we help you turn that into a feasible, sustainable livelihood. I’m fond of professing: We help take care of the stuff that falls through the cracks; people and things. We help organize and process the stuff that doesn’t fit in boxes. Life gets messy and we are experts in messy. As a mobile makerspace, we want to bring the tools, and knowledge, and ability to the people. We do not have a fixed location. We have a box truck to make us mobile, and we have a testing facility for our own theories, art risks, prototypes, and inventions. But the idea is to empower people to do it for themselves. A2C2 prides itself on its outreach. We believe loving louder is a way of life. And for those individuals or groups that we observe loving louder, we want to make sure they know their goodwill is recognized and multiplied. Helping, is a thankless job. It is taxing emotionally, physically, and financially. If you do good; speak capital T, truth; if you help others; if your generosity exceeds your own means, if you love louder, we will do everything in our power to help you succeed in your own mission.

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Machine building, Business, Research, Community work, Constructing, Connecting

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