• Thats pitty Jon, but understandable. But the garage is a good place to start for a lot of us. Farm offer is still open, in the meanwhile I’m putting some trees in the corners of the land( Walnut, oak, ash etc ) for future use.

  • I initially joined here since I admired the ideas of a low impact (no footprint) and sustainable living ProjectKamp. When so many enthusiastic people joining a new project, great things can happen. But over the weekend I was thinking about some of the above posts and started to feel that something isn’t quiet right here.

    I mean, if you really…[Read more]

  • Portugal is certainly a popular destination among permaculturists (see https://permacultureglobal.org/users ).  Nice advantage is that you’ll be able to grow a much wider variety of crops and fruits compared to the north, if you have an area with milder winters.

    Lots in Castelo Branco seem to go for very low prices, you can probably even find b…[Read more]

  • This is what current recycling co’s are using to compress the material.

    Baling – Balers use hydraulic ram to compact EPS waste either vertically (from above) or horizontally (from the sides).  The resulting bales are tied with a strap or twine to keep them together and for easier handling and transport.
    Cold compaction – The volume of EPS is red…[Read more]

  • Yes, you certainly have a point. Although a good (lease)contract will protect the Kamp members , I certainly cannot predict what future owners would do when I’m no longer around.

    Maybe full ownership is better suited for some, but it might also slow you down a bit to start. When you take an agricultural lot nearby for example, it will not be so…[Read more]

  • Thats a nice way to run Bitraf, thanks for sharing. Its a great way to organize a creative joined process. Its a real eye opener.

    But when you copy this to a Kamp idea, you’ll run into some issues maybe, since a sustainable community will need to produce some output to survive (food, energy, waste management) . Kamp produce will be based on basic…[Read more]

  • I just joined yesterday after seeing Dave doing some weird shit in Kenia on youtube.   Any cleanup and up-cycling effort is welcome, and this one just seems to be so right. Even though some projects never saw the light,  I’m happy to see so many folks actively joining, supporting and expanding this initiative.

    And then I read about the Kamp pr…[Read more]

  • Interesting points. But what happens if you take “owning” out of the equation? After all when Kamp is run by a community of like minded souls it will be more about “sharing”. This way you’ll have a more socialistic underlying principle.

    Capital, goods, tools, resources, and even time spend in the Kamp, can be used in such a way that it is based…[Read more]

  • I’m offering a rundown old farm, Belgium with approx 10.000m2 of land around, currently grassland with some trees *nuts, apple, poplars , organic . All material in place can be somehow reused (oak and larix woods, rooftiles and so on) , place has deep water source and lower portions function as water reservoirs, forest is near.
    It has all…[Read more]