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Hi there. first, thanks for the site, the videos on you tube and for all the effort from each of all of us. I'm a former owner of Hostel Aloha in Berlin and now I'm living in south Spain. My parents own a land in Ilha do Mosqueiro in the north of Brazil where I've starting planning projects for the past 2 years to be worked on the land. Since I closed my Hostel in 2017, I've been looking up hundresd of videos on youtube, lots of them related to recycling, composting, energy saving and all sort of off-grid selfsustainable topicts, beside cyber sicurity, software and hardware developments related to smart homes in order to find solution for business owners who offer services to a large clientele like hostels, restaurants, etc. I'm also a programmer and I've been developing a managent system for small and self owned accommodation properties and I offer the system for free to whoever whats to use as I try to reduce the cost of reservation fees and hope to people travel more. I also network with many hostel owners everywhere I go, helping them finding solutions for in-house and online problems as a consultancy in exchange for accommodation. I hope you know where I'm getting at. Yep garbage. When I had my hostel I had to pay 2 times to get rid of "garbage". I had to spend over 500 euros each time and there we almost 2.000 kilos (each time) of things I was getting rid of that could be recycled if I had the space, besides all the regular garbage from breakfast and guest trash. I see in one of your videos you mentioned that the highest cost of recycling comes from sorting plastic and thats what I'm interested at. My line of though goes by this: 60% to 80% of every product we buy (plastic or not) is the cost of package+transpostation and very little of the cost is actually the product inside the package (eatables for humas and pets + household products) and we put it all in the trash (probably around 70% of the money we earn goes to garbage). In hostels you get a lot of the same products so it would be easy to sort not only the type of plastic but also the color of it (as I know this is another high cost but also very poluting with quimicals to make the palets white or transparent in order to be reused in the industry). What I'm desining here at home is to figure the produts I buy the most and shred them by product packege and not by plastic type. I'm doing in a small scale and planning to designe it to be scalable projects which I can also offer to other places in the world. In the land I mentioned earlier the biggest problem around the area is garbage so whatever I do there I will also generate garbage therfore, before I go there to do any of my projects I'm trying to figure how to help the locals economically so they will start see the value of the garbage before even buying groceries. Normally people buy the same products like shampoo, yogurt, tuna cans, drink bottles, etc but when you bring that to a hostel breakfast, cleanning, office, the garbage generated is huge and often from a few dozen of product types that could be sherdded separatly. Most places in the world dont sort neither recycle so if I manage to figure how can a hostel owner manage in a small space all the garbage they produce by shreding each elent (paper, plastic, metal, glass) and at the same time find a nice usage for the shredded material or even selling/donating it to street collectors (of whom I'm also planning to add up to the network as contributers) then the cycle is close. Or even further, maybe some hostels have enough space to build small workshop to work out the material and develpe decoration article or why not maybe even build bike frames from shredded tuna cans that they can rent to the guests. Some of these places would be even up to set up some workshops about the "how-to-s". I will be here in Vera-Playa until June shreding manually all the packeges from what I buy, the goal is not to dunp anything just to see how much material I can accummulate nicely and tidy and I will make media about it, I've been here for only 20 days now and there 220 more days to go. I'd like to invite whoever (max 3 people at the time) to come for a visit and to share some of my ideas. I'd also be looking to design a portable manual-home-shredder using the itens I gather. If you have any ideas let me know. P.S. here is warm in the winter :0) here's my contact +4917662881501

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