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25/10/2019 at 06:31

Hello Moritz&Christian

Arthur here, I’m the former owner of Hostel Aloha in Berlin. looks like we changed places.

I just found you on the pin map in San Juan de los Terreros and right now I’m based in Vera Playa for the winter( Oct to June) whe the rent is cheap.


I’m looking up to learn more about plastic and other materials recycling processes and techniques.


I’m a developer and I built up a reservation engine and a reservation management system while I had my hostel and now I offer free consultancy and the use of my systems to whoever are starting their hostel or accommodation business in genereal. mostly small places.


I’m also starting to work with hardware developments and my goal now is to integrate smart home appliences into accommodation business and the part of recycling too as the garbage that accumulates in a hostel daily is incredible and most of the items are the same so it’d be easy to accumulate the same meterial in large quantity is a small period.


I also own a 50.000 square metters of land which is still 100% with native vegetation in the north of Brazil in the Ilha do Mosqueiro close to Belem-PA


I was there the previous 2 years and the biggest issue there is garbage. whatever project I plan to start there I will also generate garbage so my main focous is to find a way to accumulate material in a way it doesn’t interfer with my daily house tasks and let it accumulate until I have a good amount of it and can produce goods from it. I will stay here until June and I plan to keep all “trash” organized and clean using glass jars from tomato sauce and whater plastic bottles for keeping the shredded pastics I used from the products I buy for my diet. maybe its a crazy ideas but Its been 25 days so for and all looking good.


Please take a look at my profile and also to a post I’ve made.


Good luck in Berlin


22/10/2019 at 00:22

WOW. I just spent the day looking up all the prossibilities on this post. I gotta write my own but Ill keep on looking as I didnt finished.

Maybe we can turn thin into a network where all of us who has an land can stay for 3/4 months in each land and help develope projects then we move to the next land. would take a while but I’de be up for it. the harder it is the more im interested.


Well, I have an option too.

Its in the north of Brazil in the Amazon region, in an Island called Mosqueiro close to Belem where you can take flights from/to USA and several destinations in Europe.


This island was popular around the 60’s and 70’when we had the rubber period in Brazil, later its start dying out and now only local weekend tourist go there and leave all their trash. Its a hard one to work on.

I want to make all the garbage in the island being processed in the land and find ways to regain the value of the trash into the community around.

The land is still 100% original forest and the brazilian forest law allos owners to use only 20% of the land and protect 80%. from the protected area you can also collect fruits and seeds for making new samples of original background which can be sold to other owners who need to reforestate their land.


Th alnd has 50.000 square metters and it shapes like the Central Park in NYC. the dimentions of the lend are 100 meters by 500meters and there are over 100 direct neibors who I want to include and be the one with the biggest benefits from any projects going on there.

The are lack on everything and the neibors through their garbage in the land already or in other locations but there’s no colletion and the word recycling is really not yet known there, also sewage goe to tanks and potable water comes from individual wells. sanitation, education, infrastructure are also problem exixting there.


Im comming up with and starting idea of a vegetable garden which people can bring their soted garbage and exchange for vegetable. 1 kilo of garbage = 1 kilo of food but for the moment we are just setting the garden in a area that had a small fire some years ago as the garbage inthe land got caught on fire so there an opening in the land of about 10 meter by 10 meters. you can see on the picture with the tree hight

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)