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    Having tried another SSR, I am having the same issue. the indicator LED for both SSR’s is on, so it looks like it’s getting power and a signal to turn on?

  • Ben replied to the topic REX C100 wiring in the forum Questions? 8 months ago

    They are 200W bandheaters, so 600W together? Using a cheap SSR (states 40A) and I had wondered whether I was drawing too much current but the current draw of all three bandheaters together at 230V would only be 2.6A I think? I have a very basic understanding of electronics so forgive me if my calcs are way off!

    Will try and swap the connections…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the replies – to clarify, I have two REX c100’s (or two PID’s), each with a thermocouple and four heating elements total. the front heating element is connected to to 1 PID and the other 3 heating elements are connected to the other PID.

    I had extra thermocouples and had wondered whether the PID could take a combined reading of all…[Read more]

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    Hi there folks,

    Nearly finished building the extruder but am having issues with my wiring. Have followed the wiring diagram for logic and wired everything up. I have 2 REX C100’s and 4 heating elements, all wired the same as Dave’s (1 REX c100 for 1 heating element at front and another REX c100 for 3 at the back). The one at the front works fine…[Read more]

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    You can get rotomould laser cut kits which are often used for thermosetting plastics. If you have a metal mould (assuming you can heat it correctly) you might be able to retrofit the mould to a kit like this:


  • solved: Just used two nuts on the end of each bolt to create an old school lock nut. Used that to then slacken the other nut, allowing me to adjust the bearing position 🙂 Hopefully that might help anyone else stuck in the future

  • I thought this was the standard version? It’s the standard files – and trying to follow Dave’s video for the assembly, but he appears to somehow tighten the bearing with everything else assembled and there just doesn’t seem to be the access to hold onto the bolt head to do that. Only option I can see is as you say. I have been assembling, finding…[Read more]

  • Thanks for linking to this thread – some interesting suggestions in here but I can’t see anything about how everyone is tightening the bearing?

    Are people welding the bolt to the plate so you can simply tighten a nut without having to hold the bolt? I can’t see how if leaving the bearings until the end, you can get access to the bolt heads to…[Read more]

  • Hi folks,

    Part way through assembling our shredder and all going well so far. I notice in Dave’s video he bolts the flange bearings right at the end which makes total sense in ensuring you have the blades lined up well. I want to be able to do this, but not sure how? How do I access the bolt heads to tighten to nuts and ensure the flange bearings…[Read more]