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20/06/2016 at 09:25

@andyn Thank-you, I just looked at the hackerspace website and found a great place to join that I didn’t know existed – They have many things I need to make the shredder but unfortunately no CNC machine.

Yes, I make the patterns for the mould using Adobe Illustrator. So hopefully these files can be easily converted. It really depends on the cost – I haven’t quoted many places yet for the plasma/water/laser cutting of the shredder parts or for the moulds.

I was wondering why you think the silicone moulds won’t work? Sorry I don’t know much about casting plastic. I use the pinkysil 2 part silicone and it mentions that it is not food safe, but there are a lot of silicone baking / cooking trays so maybe the silicone mould might work. I might see if it would help to set the silicone moulds in a plaster to add some strength around them?

I will experiment and see if I can get this to work, if not I will try making a sheet of plastic on a metal baking tray and then see if I can laser cut the shapes from the sheet.

You are right, I will definitely just shear the plastic with scissors myself, instead of building the shredder while I’m working on proof of concept experiments.

I am a little concerned about the fumes when melting the plastic, despite having a well-ventilated studio. Another reason I am switching from resin is because of allergic reactions I am having! So I am hoping this recycle plastic-smithing won’t be another thing that could affect my health!

19/06/2016 at 12:57


Thank-you Andy for getting me on the right track! These ideas are a great start and I will do some tests once I make the shredder. I will be able to find someone to make CNC’d aluminium moulds – I am not sure how expensive mould making is in Australia. I will post photos of the new designs in the coming months!

19/06/2016 at 02:59

Hi Everyone!

I’m a contemporary jeweller from Australia!
I am starting to build these machines because I want to switch all of the plastic in my work to recycled plastic. I currently pour resin into custom made silicone moulds.

I have attached a photo of the current work I make using non-recycled plastic and the moulds I make. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the best machine to build to mould this plastic and any advice on how to make moulds? The pieces are flat about 3 mm in height, so I have simply moulded my shapes in silicone.

Any advice you have on how to make moulds for these machines would be great help. I was thinking – would it be as simple as placing the shredded plastic into the silicone mould and putting in the oven? It is difficult because I have no access to the machines to experiment – so I would love some insight and ideas / experiences before I start to build the machines.

Thank-you! I’m very excited to work with recycled plastic.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)