• you have a project page ? if not, i can give you one 🙂  IMO, plastic isn’t a problem, we’re are ! And speaking of crisis, not even sure the planet won’t shake us off like a fly before they & us actually start doing something for real. ( Reminds me to make a list of things to ‘save our species’, ie: shared cars only, no weekend trips, leave pl…[Read more]

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    Anything above 180 Watt should work and you need them large as possible. Our standard size is 35mm inner diameter and 60mm high. For the nozzle we machine usually a sleeve to increase the diameter to 45 mm an so we can have a 220 Watt  heater, works even better with heat insulation. The only cheap source I know of is AliExpress.

  • @s2019,
    yeah, as said, for now it’s rather for instant communication and IMHO it has definitely it’s point and popularity. On a higher level one would design communication around a specific workflow but also policies. As far I know one-army will prove it self around 2020… Til then hard to say anything and I just can hope we get the best out of…[Read more]

  • @s2019, I’ve got some answers on Discord and looks like the forum will remain in place at least until November but it’s unclear with what it’s being replaced. Eventually we will manage to have Discord as Q&A channel(s) per content as it’s done in publiclab DOT org but there are quite some technical issues to solve first (I am on it). In regard of…[Read more]

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    You’re welcome, we send you something this afternoon.

  • sounds really odd and there are no fixes per-se; the controller has some settings but I am not aware that anyone is setting more than the target temp.
    here a little checklist :
    1. make sure you’re testing the PID, relay and thermocouple as well power outlets (one from the relay, and one from the mains) which belong to one circuit only.
    2. test the…[Read more]

  • cgoflyn replied to the topic Safety certification in the forum Questions? 4 months ago

    unfortunately not. The only thing you can do is to request extra safety measures from the machine builders. There are some variations out there which would meet those standards but yet, it’s quite an adventure to get those papers…

    If you are in a hurry, we can give you a list of commercial machines which have CE at least: desktop shredder &…[Read more]

  • Hi,great. thanks a lot. Let’s say we would develop a long outstanding help desk like app (multi-lang) where users can get answers before posting, for the usual suspects, ie: shredder jams, meet, want to start, merchandise, license, certification, throughout, manuals, filament, defect download-kit etc ..

    Do we route them to those discord channels…[Read more]

  • @s2019; don’t worry. I think they leave this as archive for sometime but won’t allow new posts I guess. In top, we make complete backups of the forum since some months; also as searchable offline database, as part of the new PP Search/Explorer apps; also preserving & converting content formatting. Later more on this.

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  • For the feed I had since long the idea to machine a conic screw (similar exists already in agriculture equipment, a meter, at 15degs, easy to make after all) which can deal with larger soft items as bags & common packaging materials and is moving plastic down to the barrel. The flip mechanic seems to be key since you could automate the whole thing…[Read more]

  • Hey there,
    seems there is a new communication channel called Discord and we have a few questions :

    1. How, when,… is this replacing the forum ? Is the forum being deactivated, and when ?
    2. Discord seems rather a RT platform rather than a real forum and it comes with a penalty (it’s a SPA after all) : for instance we can’t link to answers or…[Read more]

  • I see, my bad. Now I’am just a little lost to figure how to make a 2 meter beam with all that. Besides getting 6cm ID barrel/plunger makes me a lot of headache. The max. I can get from our traders is 5cm.
    I really like the concept nonetheless and that could fit well into the PP machine repertoire since we could deal way better with daily life…[Read more]

  • great, @dirkvanvroeger. thanks for the pdfs, could you add the source files as well ? (would be great to have the real source files for anything else as well, PP wise; it takes a good chunk of time on our end to reconstruct this material otherwise, … ). thanks again.

  • @rushabhc, sorry for the late answer. I know that 0.75Kw – 1480 RPM | 3phase via VFD | 1:30 reducer is doing just fine for a 65 cm industrial screw with 25 mm diameter. I left a vendor sources for the motor on the wiki page. For couplings I am not sure, we mill them ourself.

  • 1., 2. I’d say it’s all still in the first stage ‘make it work’, right before ‘make it good’ and followed by ‘make it fast’. At the moment I am not aware that any PP item made it back into circulation; as often energy & labor overhead has yet to prove this activity for viable, at least for the 99% I know of on all networks. There seem to be 5 – 10…[Read more]

  • More or less, that’s the way. Did you check the arbor press ? Eventually you need to add more gears for a bigger volume. Besides, feeding new plastic into the barrel for larger volumes will become very problematic, rendering the idea near impossible but let’s see what others can add 🙂

  • Concept 2 looks best to me. Other than that we’re building more likely a 70x70cm version of it due to shipping problems (I still have at hard time understand why those sheets have to be that big). Regarding the cooling press, I guess you already considered inflatable sacks or a fire-hose grid via compressor ? That’s a good way distribute pressure…[Read more]

  • I’d consider it basic equipment; also to deal with all what comes along, more likely you’r doing most of your tools, molds, work benches (except hand-tools though) yourself at some point; pretty much of a no B without an A
    But yeah, you’re right, this list should be extended for hand and other daily life tools. There are just too many how think…[Read more]

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