• Salut*

    This sounds so great!
    Where can I watch your videos and what is the apps name?
    Im an illustrator from germany and love to collect litter in nature, my crazy hobby. I would really enjoy a active european forum for trash picker, so if anybody knows a nice website*** When Im on the sea I catch up all this little colourful plastic pieces and…[Read more]

  • Salut*

    I know from a hotel that is heating 2000 liter water a day with a big compost of horse shit and wood. They use it for the showers, washingmachines, dish washer and the tap. This is it how it looks like(video is not so good)

    Ive some data of a smaller Biomeiler
    hight 3m…[Read more]

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  • Perfect for heating water, a green house and the floor of your tiny home is a “Biomeiler”, a simple compost energy. Cold water is rinning through kuper lines or a long tube and warmed up in the 65 degree warm compost heap. U can use  wood pieces, leaves, horse shit or other organic material and it costs really nothing and last for 12 month to 24…[Read more]