• Enstyro Inc. makes foam shredding equipment that was designed for EPS but it is now used for a wide variety of foams including PE.  Shredding and reusing the material in place of packing peanuts is one thought.  A shredded fill for beanbags and pillows is an option.
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    Dave Rhomberg

    Enstyro I…[Read more]

  • Just like the currently accepted recycling method, It is too energy intensive due to shipping, melting, shipping, melting /reforming, and shipping.  All for a cheap picture frame in the current method.

    Enstyro Inc. was founded to solve the EPS problem and the solution is quite simple.  Recycle local EPS into local concrete.  Both exist almost ev…[Read more]

  • Most grinders will crush the eps in the process.  Enstyro equipment was designed to shred foam without crushing.  Typical packing foam has a lot of empty space and our equipment still only reduces the volume by half.  A bag of enstyro shred is around one pound per cubic foot.  That depends on the incoming EPS of course.  Check the density of your…[Read more]

  • Shredded and sized Styrofoam is a game changer in aircrete.  You can make it lighter stronger and more water resistant.  Enstyro designs and sells equipment to make outstanding concrete aggregate from recycled EPS.  A simple grinder crushes the foam too much and doesn’t give the right size range.

    The importance of aggregate size and surface is we…[Read more]

  • EPS has extraordinary properties such as density, longevity, flex recovery, and water resistance.  I founded Enstyro Inc. which invents equipment and develops uses for this material.  In the decade we have been in business, we have found many great uses for EPS and shipped EPS recycling equipment around the world.  A customer in the Maldives th…[Read more]