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i am a 60 year old technician that travelled a lot and on my last trip to my family in Senegal i was struck by the enormous amount of plastic waste all over the country. on beaches at sea in the poor villages everywhere. People are to poor to waste money on cleaning up. everything is wrapped in plastic bags which is thrown away everywhere. Then i thought of a way to help people and nature and found another issue. The people use charcoal to cook with, waisting lots of wood. The same wood is used to build small fences around their homes which are often in small villages. These fences are destroyed by thermites within a year and the need more wood. So the solution is to recycle all plastic waste locally and melt it to poles to build permanent fences, or other building materials or tools like water buckets. If people get a little money for the waste they bring to a mobile recycle machine, for which they can buy the material or food or school funding for their kids this can change luves. It would also mean jobs and a cleaner environment. So i need good ideas on how to build a setup like described and get a local project started in Senegal where i can use my dutch sister married to a local guy to start this business.

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