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Hi, i'm Gerard, 38 years old, from Belgium, father of 2 children, Sasha and Zach, they are unschooled (for a lot and different reason), as my wife teach them to read, calculate etc... we are quite free... in her side, she is landscape designer. I'm beginning the construction of the shredder and extrusion machine. i'm electromechanical engineer, specialized in Solar energy. i'm working for a small company, near Netherland. we have some project in Africa (focus on solar energy), Mainly Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo DRC and i really would like to create autonomous machine coupled with photovoltaic energy with as less as possible batteries... i'm specialist in this field. i worked few years in Haïti, machine building, working on Autodesk inventor 3D, turning, Milling, welding, electricity, etc... so, i would be very happy to visit you once and discuss a little bit more about your other projects (like the kamp). i'm doing the machine to send in Burkina Faso.


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