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Hello everyone, My name is Gilbert Julin and I live in Antwerp Belgium. I had an idea and started to figure this idea out and work it out when I discovered Dave Hakkins via the Internet and he had already realized part of my idea. Really handsome what he has already realized. As an entrepreneur and filantropist and committed to humanity, I feel called to participate in the improvement and positive development of our actually beautiful world. I am rather concerned about the environment and we have to be aware that it is not so good about this matter at the moment. I am also a businessman, so I have an idea about waste processing. In my opinion, a solution for small and medium-sized companies to also get a penny back from their annual waste heap. We throw out valuable garbage every day and I find that regrettable. Processing must begin at the beginning after use. This allows us to grow a network that makes waste processing interesting for small and medium-sized companies. According to me and thinking as an entrepreneur, there is really a good company hidden here that could get great figures and that way we help the world and we also earn a penny and we can continue to invest in companies that make our world better and healthier for everyone. I have a good running business that can function for testing the device and see if it is feasible and interesting for the investors and the users. Thank you, Gilbert Julin.

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