Gopinathan VG

I am a senior activist of kssp a leading people's science movement and holded it's various levels of responsibilities like secretary , president, General Secretary, Treasurer etc. There is a Technology Institute namely Integrated Rural Technology Centre (IRTC).I was it's Registrar for 15 years. Presently I am Governing Body's member of kssp, IRTC, PPC (an NGO for waste, energy management) and Chairman of a Farmer Producer Company named Susthira having more than 2000 farmers.I have started my waste management activities in 1998 at Chalakudi my home town and still continuing.It is an integrated approach.But my focuss was in wet waste management or organic waste management through biological method.Dry waste are segregated and sold to scrap dealers.But now I feel plastic waste management is equally important to be managed.

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Machine building, Product Design, Promoting, Research, Community work, Constructing, Moderator

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