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  • It seems the market clearly distinguishes vinyl blinds from pvc blinds but I can’t get any solid information on if vinyl blinds are made from Eva, PEVA or pvc.
    I recently had to replace a window blind and all I can see now since I started experimenting is a solid usable hunk of plastic that can be welded and forged, but I’d prefer not to mess wit…[Read more]

  • Has anyone tried using an off the shelf grain mill or hammer mill to process their plastics? Or perhaps even a feed grinder or pelletizer? There are lots of inexpensive home use machines on the market and I’m curious if these are viable options.

  • The molds are just simple off the shelf one piece molds from a craft store. I just wanted to prove the concept. I thought at first that they would be too flexible but they worked just fine. The trick was being able to inject the plastic in to it. I tried the same thing using a mass of plastic and weight, but the results weren’t even close. E…[Read more]

  • A short stay in the oven with a glass weight on top makes the details pop more and leaves a shiny smooth finish on the back.
    Here’s also a pic of the original attempt with the flower.

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  • I’ve been playing around a lot with plastic bags and I like how workable they are in just about every aspect, but I’ve also been wanting to figure out a low cost low volume injection machine.

    The flower trinket was made by making solid sticks out of bags and melting it into the mold with a sodering iron. I don’t recommend that method at all u…[Read more]

  • I had the same idea, you could melt down citronella candles and do something similar. Just make sure whatever filler you use is packed right with as much as you can get in there. The more there is in the cup, the longer it will burn.

  • I wasn’t sure if that would violate any forum policies. I did some research in to how these pods are currently being handled and they are being burned in manufacturing and energy plants. I figured we could benefit from that energy as individuals. There is certainly no shortage of used pods.…[Read more]

  • Hello from NY
    I’ve started a project that utilizes used coffee pods, post consumer paper and waste wax from production lines to make a waterproof fire starter.
    The filter is the wick, the coffe grounds will be used for compost and the aluminum recycled.
    The intent is to go in to production to keep as many pods out of landfills as possible so I…[Read more]