Marie J Hesse

I'm Marie - a German introverted extrovert (or is it the other way round?!) currently living in Scotland. While I'm completely embracing this beautiful country, my wish to be a powerful contribution to a group of people who want to make our planet better for everyone, is continously growing. I'm currently a publishing student, working mainly on book cover designs and social media campaigns (buuuuuh, I know. But it needs to be done.) And as much as I hate my computer from time to time, it's a powerful tool to reach people and make them think. (Like Dave made me rethink some of my lifestyle choices after watching his videos a couple of years ago - thank you for that by the way. You're my spirit animal.) Let's make the world better - bit by bit. P.s.: I would love to list 'cooking' as a skill but that would be a lie and everybody knows you don't start something big with a lie, right? Okay, that's it from me. I'll now verify that I'm human. Lots of love from Edinburgh <3

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