Shannon Porter

I’m an entrepreneur, who has been in business the last 10 years operating my own CRM database computer service and support company. Personally, I’m passionate about, water, aquaponics, clean energy and generally the environment. I’m a do-it-yourself(er) who has acquired several odd and useful skills over the years from different projects related to these passions. I want to leave our planet better then I found it and give those around me easy options to do the same. To this end (and just the start of my plans) I have a vertical wind turbine design that I want to completely make out of recycled plastic... Except for the actually generator, of course. I mean, if you’re going to make clean energy devices, what better way to build them, than with recycled resources that helps clean up the planet as you build. I thought I would have to do all the plastic recycling leg work myself, but imagine my surprise to find Precious Plastics, and this community of passionate, like minded people. So count me in! Thank you to everyone for being here and working for a better tomorrow, today.

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