Izabela & Alec

Hey community, we are an Polish-Austrain and Australian couple, passioned about sustainable creative solutions and inspired after years of colaboration in eco friendly design, bioconstruction and recycling projects. Orgaizing playful workshops since 3 years in the Sierra Nevada North Colombias, to learn and share cool techniques and reconnecting with nature. Thats were we met and decided to walk our path togehter...Inspired by the challenges of our off grid lifestyle with our friend the Bicycle Blender, we started dreaming about shredding abundant plastic with a bike and make useful ojects with the melted flakes...and tatahhh: we found the genious Precious Plastic page. Just love it! So will start very soon to build maschines and try out something new and very usefull for this region. Infos follow 😉

Your love

Machine building, Product Design, Graphic Design, Networking, Video Making, Research, Community work, Engineering, Constructing, Cooking

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