Minofmeer Design Studio

Minofmeer (More or Less [ENG]) design is a multi-disciplinary design studio established in 2017 by Riaan Burger (RSA) and Kuo Tzu Hao (TW). The studio is based in Taiwan. Their work tells unique stories through craft and connecting cultures, highlighting the unexpected similarities between distant cultures. Their work is centered on raw materials, material experimentation, and luxury design. Minofmeer studio adopts a distinctive design language and approach to each individual work, using and respecting local and heritage materials, connecting cultures, and always in motion: forward movement is an essential element in all of their work. Professional training in art and design allows Minofmeer to create emotion-driven narratives and aesthetically pleasing forms with rigorous technical precision and attention to detail. Minofmeer’s work has been widely exhibited in Taiwan. The studio has collaborated with a diverse group of organizations and manufacturers in Taiwan.


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