Leandro Peñaloza

Hello world! I'm Leandro (Leo), I live in Santiago, Chile and after working as a Consultant in matters related in Tourism & Marketing (3 years) and traveled throught my country and short trips to USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Indonesia, and others in Europe, I decided for 2019 to focus my year and energy to travel the world learning more about recycling, tecnics, and put back all my knodlege for helping comunities and people. I studied Tourism and I experienced by myself the sad escenario we're living without recycling properly and responsibly when I saw little pieces of plastics mixed up with the sand in a small island in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean: Easter Island. Only this year I met Precious Plastic when I was looking for useful info for recycle and get into a better way to use less plastic. I do love the great iniciative that Dave and his team are doing for the world. I want to get out from my comfort zone and start helping asap as you guys!

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