Lucy Williams

Hiya! I'm Lucy from Leeds some call me the 'off cut queen' as I collect acrylic plastic waste and have been doing for the past two years from various sources, designers, manufacturing companies, schools. There are offcuts from laser cut sheets, everywhere!!! its not as obvious, this waste is often disregarded or not talked about as much because its always hidden and obviously not as common to be used. But oh boy theres SO MUCH as I've discovered through research and wandering round skips outside manufacturing companies ha. So to 'recycle' this material there isn't a lot of option for companies, acrylic has to go through a depolymerisation process which takes A LOT of energy and is a highly complex process. This is also expensive! The material is amazing its like the platinum for the plastic world. Theres a technique I have developed which allows a brand new sheet to be made, with really cool affects along the way. Each sheet is different, thats the beauty of the process. I would love to collaborate as you could do so much more with more brains on this!! (i specialise in material and product) but would be great to get other product design / engineer thoughts, I've been doing this on my own!! Now its time to work together.

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