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26/04/2018 at 00:12

Hi Kincso,
Have you got any reply yet?
If not, I can anticipate that 380V or 220V potentially does not matter.
The point is that is easier to get a higher power (torque and speed) from a 380V motor rather than from a 220V.
First of all is easier to find more powerfull motors in 3-phase version because 380 is a typical industrial configuration.
What you can do is to play with motor power (how many Watts does have your 220V motor?), reduction ratio (small gear on motor axis and big gear on blades stack reduces rotation speed, but increase torque), hinertia of the blades stack.
Then it depends if you are shredding resilient VS fragile materials.
For shredding resilient materials I guess you would prefere a relatively slower system with higher torque, while for a fragile material you may prefere higher speed, with maybe some flyingwheel effect…

Does this help a bit…?

Viewing 31 replies (of 31 total)