THE MILK RING IDEA – UNIVERSE OF THE SOCIAL PLASTIC Communication transforms an ordinary piece of junk into a sought-after object. The closing tongue of the inside membrane of beverage cartons is not thrown away anymore, but collected as the “Milk Ring”. Many people collect Milk Rings for milchring and thus they build a network and create a “social plastic”. A Milk Ring is materialized communication and its entity testifies the course of processes of “giving” and “receiving” which is required for formation of a network. milchring gives the concept of transformation and receives Milk Rings. A collector receives the concept, sends Milk Rings and spreads the information to more people. Those collect and communicate as well, thus enlarging the network and amount of Milk Rings. Milk Rings carry notice of existence of the collectors. By “Label” milchring describes works which develop through further transformation processes. Accessories, workshops, temporary installations, jewellery art, sculptures, fashion, films, games, toys, literature, and design items etc. Each work conveys a message of milchring in its own way.

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Product Design, Networking, Cooking

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