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24/09/2019 at 16:59

Hi Dave,

How are you? I’m Fabien who manage a MJC (youth and cultur Center) in France. We’re launching the PP Project with some University Student in Metz (57000). i hope they’ll join the community and participate to the forum and the french discord. The 4 machines will be done in april 2020.

We are also about to start at the end of september a crowfunding with ulule to finalise the budget.

So i have Some simply questions : 1/ Do you know when the version 4 will be on line? 2/ Have you somes french vidéo that we can use for the ulule campaign? 3/ Do You think it’s possible that you come in France in april 2020 to participate to the inauguration, with maybe few day just after to talk and exchange on the PP project. It’ll be very helpfull for our start. Your date will be our.

I’m sure the crowfunding will be a success, so i would make a level on ulule who make possible to make you come (and take on my budget all the cost train, hotel, meals). But of course i must ask you first.

I hope too that with the level of the ulule campaign, we can make a donation to the PP project (i see that you have some kind of money issue)

I’m avalaible to talk about that if you have any question.

Fabien MJC 4 Bornes

P.S. : sorry for the english scratch, my englsih is a little rusty

25/07/2019 at 23:43

hello !

I’m From France, I’m a professionnal working in a social and educational’s association. We’ll Launch the project in 2020  and we’ld develop some kind of différent animations around the 4 machines of PP.

The goal is to sensibilise childrens (6-12 years old), almost the teenagers (13-17) and in a third step the adult.

So i’ll be happy to participate to the topics to share our reflexion around this subject.

25/07/2019 at 23:25

I’m very Impress by your work and all the developpement you’ve made. So i’m Curious to see your workshop.

Can we meet if i come to Paris? for a day or maybe two to discuss with you before launching the project in Metz?

It’ll be very helpfull

23/07/2019 at 10:30

yes Yes we’re starting with shredder, extruder, injector and oven…
Their is 6 groups of 4-5 students (IUT Génie Mécanique et productique) working on :

Projet du broyeur de plastique (mobile) et projet de l’extraction (ventilation) Projet de l’extrudeur (mobile avec potentiels améliorations) Projet de l’injecteur (mobile avec potentiels améliorations) projet du compresseur (mobile avec potentiels améliorations) Mobilier du Brico Borne  dont bureau d’accueil et plans de travail rabattables. Projet de moule(S) pour injecteur/compresseur (pour les 3ème année (licence))

In English :
Shredder and extraction project
Extrudor project
Injector project
Compressor and Oven Project
Moulds project
Fourniture Project

Thanks for the discord, i’ll be connect in september (holidays are coming ^^ )

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)