• The injection machine im building got 4 heatbands 150w each, and assuming you are using 110v the peak amp is going to be 5,4A for the injection machine alone.
    On 230v it’s only 2,6A.

    When it comes to the shredder and extrution machine, it really depends on what motor you are going to use, and if you are going to use 1 or 3 phase.

  • The situation is this: one of the controllers works fine with any of the other components, while the other one heat up the bands way too fast (undependant of wich SSR or heatband i use.) When i checked how many amps each of the controllers drew, they both showed 0,75A when the SSR was active, wich makes this whole problem a headache.

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  • Hi, I have this problem with my band heaters heating up too fast. If is set the wanted value to 210c it goes up 600c because the relay let go too slow. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

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    PLA is mostly used to make 3D fillament and biodegradable cutlery and cups. This type of plastic might be hard to find and get any huge quantity of.
    But if you do want to search for this type of plastic, it will be marked with a
    SPI 7 (“others”)

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