Hey Precious Plastic, i'm 27 years old and i am working as assistant director in the cinema. I will try to build your machines but it's gone be difficult because i don't no know anything about anything 🙂 ! I'am going to film my progression, step by step and share to the community. I hope that in a future, i will make recycle workshop, like we find pottery workshop or paint workshop today. I really want to say thank you for wath you do, you give me an opportunity to change the way i see waste plastic. I hope i will success to transmit to my friends, family, neighbors, that recycle is fun, playful, full of possibility for innovats an creat for everyone... Soon as possible, i would like to visit you and your teammates, i hope it will be open 🙂 ! Love and plastic. Edgar.

Your love

Video Making, Business, Community work

💪 Dedication

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