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Hi dave how are you? I have my masters degree in environmental science and natural resources. I am very much concerned with resource use especially if its causing pollution and have become important social problem to solve. I am also very much interested with developing social enterprise which can solve both social and environmental problem. So i was going through random search process and i came across you and your amazing work which can be a good line to start for me to develop an recycling enterprise. I believe i also have that leadership quality inside of me and i believe i can lead people and community towards sustainable development. I personally appreciate your work and wanted to map Nepal under the precious plastic community and start my recycling journey towards sustainable development. I know it wont be that easy but i am ready to lead . I had also experience working with senior scientist from china, germany in collaboration with ICIMOD scientist of Nepal. It was just to provide you information about my work experience. But now i want to carry my own project and ideas and recycling was always on top of my list. I hope you will support me. Thank you

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