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In reply to: Large Scale Composting

15/12/2017 at 07:43

Hi joloneric!
i am a permaculture farmer and teacher. about compost what is really your issues? sounds like you want do something with the waste of food but how? right.

– so yes chickens will be a good idea.
– or learn how to do a good compost (how need time and practice…) but anyone can get there.. 🙂

you are talking about food waste right..

so first make a good compost it’s like cooking it’s an art. you need to get the right ingrediens and the right ratio of them for make a good compost.

the 3 elements you work with are :
– carbon (everything brown material, dead leaves, hay, dry yellow grass, news paper, carboard..)
– nitrogen (green element, food waste, fresh grass, green freshly cut)

and -manure (any poo, urine from animals, but no human manure..)

Then you have hight nitrogen who is urine, some plante like neetles, comfrey or dead animals (mouse, rabit..) than can speed up the prosses. put in the middle and it give a kick to your compost.

and you need water.

when you get all of that who is every where around, in a good ratio, 1/3 for brown/green/manure you can create a good compost…

leaving waste food on a pile it’s never gona to work well, it’s gona to smell, be roten and that’s not compost. a good compost need to be aĂ©robic, so the bacteria can devellope and grow and slowly decompost the element.

so you need air, water, carbon and nitrogen all this element creat the good condition for microorganism to devellope and by their activity they create a heat and decompost the pile. compost it’s not only worm…

or you can also do a worm farm how it’s an other technic…
you build a big box diferent layer (most importante a hole in the botom for exece of water (reusse this worm juice for garden, supa fertiliser!! ) or you recycing a bath or you by big bucket depent what you can get…
you put some soil and cow manure (poo) and you will get worms,or you had worms small one (the one you want for the food waste. always cover with a fabric, had some water (not to much) feed the worms every day.. do many box as you need.

how to make compost :

worm bin compost or worms farm :

Have fun !

28/09/2017 at 18:03

Kia ora bro !
welcome and hope see your project soon.
good luck for your project.

22/09/2017 at 03:07

Hi guys, have a look for this one, i think there is some idea for you
: Garbage Warrior

Eco architecture recycling garbage material for buid houses…


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)