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27/04/2018 at 10:53

Hi there,

I am currently discovering this amazing community, and am impressed and really glad about all the work done!

For precious plastic, I think for V4, you should pursue in the direction of facilitating each and every step of the process.

I will begin by the end of the process to illustrate my word : Designed products.

These are the motors that will pull (or not) the economic rope. These, if they are effectively bought, will make the difference and multiply the installations of new shops. You have to make recycled plastic look sexy. The Biggest effort for me has to be put in sexy design, intelligent and usefull products. You have to find a way to have more designers helping with this challenge. For instance by harvesting funds to lanuch a big design contest ?

Then you have to facilitate the job of the ones willing to install a shop. Tools to facilitate communication, to launch a crowdfunding maybe, or to find public support from the city for instance. What I call the barrier to entry has to be as small as possible. Congrats to Siemen and his idea to facilitate Business Models here !

So, for me, the next 2 big steps for you are more improvements in design and communication.

Keep going !!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)