• Funny, I’ve been asking around too lately.. 😉 Today I got some replies from suppliers on Alibaba and MadeInChina.

    – The company that made the drawing of the extrusion screw in the PP master kit (Zhoushan Five-star Machinery Manufacturing) charges 260USD (200USD for the item, 60USD for freight).
    – Zhejiang Zhongyang Screw Manufacturing Company…[Read more]

  • Hi Anne!

    I found this video a while ago. It is based on the plans that are available from the comments in the link you posted. In addition it has an interesting clamping device.
    It made me dig further into videos about smaller injection machines and another video makes me want to make an automatic machine as well.. 🙂 A slightly bigger one…[Read more]

  • Does anyone have experience with shredding ABS from printers/copiers? jtravis recycled some of those ABS cases with a wood chipper but I wonder how well that goes with the precious plastic shredder. I have piles of it at my school but these things are quite hard. I suppose much depends on the power of the engine..

  • Hi Katharina!

    I just joined the group and would like to order a set as well. How much does the stainless set cost? I just sent you the same question by e-mail but thought the answer would be of interest for others as well. Perhaps the info is somewhere else on the forum, hope I didn’t miss it.

    Very best!

  • Hi all!

    Was looking for online services that could do injection moulding in small batches but found the preciousplastic website instead which seems so much more fun.

    Congratulations with this great project and all documentation you made. Can’t wait to get started building the shredder!