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Hi. We are a group of 5 initiators (final year degree students) + 1 mechanic from Brunei and we want to open up / start up a waste management + recycling business in an attempt to create awareness of waste management, reduce wastes (esp. waste in our local landfills) and increase our country's economy. We want to initiate this project due to our university final year project where we need to do any type of entrepreneurship. Thus, inspired by your Precious Plastic movement, we'd like to start with doing "Trashformers" project; we transform plastics into valuable items. It's quite more or less the same as what you guys are doing, however, we might be adding some sweet and spices here and there. We actually want to penetrate into the recycling industry here in Brunei, because we found out that all of the recycling companies here doesn't actually recycle the trashes locally. They all export it to the nearby countries for recycling. It concerns us, because not all people know about this and not all people are realizing that on the long run, it will cause problems, and we aren't changing for the best because we don't really have a proper waste management. So, we would like to provide waste management solutions for the Bruneian community here, by collaborating with you and incorporating your machines into our process as our first step to slowly penetrate the market. As I've mentioned before, we are currently doing this because of our university final year project, thus we are also doing business proposals and research in order to convince our university that we will make this business happen. We are still in the stage of preparing our pitching deck and present it by the end of this Aug 2019. After that, we will be building the machines as per what you guys have shared, with the help of our mechanic friend. And then, by Oct 2019, we are going to officially launch our small start-up. So, we were only given time until the middle of March 2020 to proof to the university and the investors that this business will make profit. We'll might be doing other small projects beside this because doing just recycling might not guarantee us a lot of money, thus we plan to incorporate other services within our project to make more money. Our vision is to cumulatively increasing awareness among the Bruneian community by instilling a non-wasteful and “think before you act” lifestyle for a better, greener, proactive and eventually reach zero-waste Brunei by 2035 to achieve Brunei's vision of having: 1) educated, highly skilled and accomplished people; 2) high quality of life; and 3) dynamic and sustainable economy. Therefore, we'd like to be a part of your Precious Plastic community and do collaborative projects/campaigns with you. However, we might not be using "Precious Plastic" as our company's name, but we will put credits for you guys on the machines that we build, when we promote stuffs in social medias, especially in youtube videos that we will be uploading throughout our journey after we actually make one 🙂 hehe, we'll work on that soon. We will surely follow you guys on any social media platforms that we will be on. Be sure to have a look out for us by then, hehe. Our name accounts will be "Syumul Co. BN" (subject to change). Ok, thats all about us! Thank you Dave Hakkens and the Precious Plastics Community for making this happen all around the globe <3

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