• Hi Dave,
    i’m sometimes imagineering at the crossroads of non destructive plastic upcycling and o.a improved sanitation (the knock on potential can be huge)… question;-

    -have you considered collecting/upcycling urine @ the PP project?
    (no pun intended ūüėČ


  • thanks for sharing your wits buddy – ¬†from my experience in spain empty houses tend to be “ruinas” and although they look attractive you usually cant get a (re)building permit the last i heard – and noticed enough desparados ¬†willing to rip off an unsuspecting potential buyer who hasnt done their homework ūüėČ
    interestingly, some of the vacant h…[Read more]

  • maybe also of general (educational) interest is this idylically located project in spain¬†http://www.sunseed.org.uk/blogs/
    this area is the only true desert in europe…..mindblowing nature,geology & history
    …and the most honest tapas on the iberian peninsula – YUM!

  • Thanks for the positive reaction guys – long live evolution…i would have trouble just remembering 40 peoples names – so hats off there already
    unfortunately i missed a visit to PP during DDW (but got a speeding ticket racing back from berlin to catch the last hours if intention counts for anything ;(

    we still have find back the land details (it…[Read more]

  • Hi Dave & ¬†PP’ers,
    Portugal…good choice!
    a few qs, random thoughts & ideas…just in case ;-

    -location within 1 hour (e)bike ride from a (surf) beach?
    (do the guys at “langbrett” know of the kamp project ?..theyre experienced portugal visitors – build surfboards there,and may have some insider tips)

    -search for an area where there’s possible…[Read more]

  • terry ball replied to the topic Mycelium in the forum Project Kamp 1 year, 10 months ago

    yeah…rodents arent dumb huh dude…ours seem to be suckers for peanut butter
    and do they eat the mycofoam?

    i looked into The xyllo stuff a few years ago – but lost interest when i discovered it still needs periodic maintainance …but havent looked since
    By comparison – what would properly detailed wooden construction do if left untreated?…[Read more]

  • sounds great guys well done!
    just one clarification;
    -only vegan food @ P.P….or preferably wherever humanly possible vegan food ?
    (good chocolate and occasional goats cheese & pizza comes to mind ūüėČ

  • terry ball replied to the topic Mycelium in the forum Project Kamp 1 year, 11 months ago

    interesting point on the rodents – thanks.
    after keeping a keen eye on the mediamatic gallery roof insulation project…unless i missed something it seemed to dissipate.
    Eric is a very interesting guy and i had the luck of literally bumping into him recently.
    i had contact with Eben (ecov..) about 6 years ago with his thoughts on ¬†the…[Read more]

  • terry ball replied to the topic Mycelium in the forum Project Kamp 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hi Robb – thanks for sharing, as far as i know two of the most advanced developers of mycofoam are Ecovative (USA) and Krown-design (eric van klarenbeek is i believe the most noted pioneer developing this material in holland – if not beyond)

    My own interest in mycofam (besides yummy meals) is the potential suitability for construction…[Read more]

  • terry ball replied to the topic Tokenization in the forum Project Kamp 1 year, 11 months ago

    Interesting concept Marrieja – reward based participation
    any thought s on ;
    -checks,balances and value definitions (& potential hierarchies ?)
    -individual rights for selectively participation once “locked into the system”
    -time duration of project? (land availability)
    -noise pollution from trains (or present soil pollution?)
    -how about opening a…[Read more]

  • ok imuh …..lets clear up some (mutual?) assumptions
    – i didnt direct you (or anyone else for that matter) to “blindly” put food contact plastics all together, besides it being an insult to all the blind fans supporting precious plastics, i perhaps mistakingly ¬†assumed ¬†that the well informed precious plastics community already sorts plastics i…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,
    while you’re all waiting for the elusive piece of prime real estate to appear….i can highly recommend y’all getting to know the work of this old ¬†professor hero of mine ¬†–¬†https://desertification.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/bottle-towers-eng-tours-de-bouteilles-fr-willem-van-cotthem/
    -seeds,sun and some good ole fun lovin tr…[Read more]

  • bingo nick!
    there are now more than 5000 plastic recipes and growing…
    eg. a purpose developed PP can have more than 80% talc filling (which, for its specific application could be a good thing – contrary to common logic, although sometimes its just to save money on polymer)

    in my opinion a common rule of thumb is to start with known knowns;
    1.…[Read more]

  • Hi all,
    to reduce plastic waste we need to change consumption models and packaging design – i.e less plastic/more reusable packaging …but keeping LCA as the guiding factor.
    waste is a total system design & lifestyle problem.
    if i may rephrase your dilemma anne – i’d probably say “giving rewards for better separation and collection leads to more…[Read more]

  • hi quentin – my names terry from ho land and i saw your gutter shout out…yes the world really needs more gutters! (water retention is one of my many favourite upcycling topics, besides subsoil irrigation)
    i’ve looked into both the organic/plastic composite possibilities (usually called “WPC’s or wood plastic composites) and the moss development…[Read more]