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Hiya! Im Lucy (or Luce) from Leeds (UK) or some call me the off cut queen... as I have been collecting acyrlic plastic waste for the past two years and working out what the hell to do with it! Through various techniques, research, experimentation I have developed ways in which this material can be re-purposed back into a new sheet, without having to go through depolymerisation process which is a chemically complex process and takes ALOT of energy to break this down. When this material doesn't need to be depolymerised! ITS SO EXPENSIVE AND BEAUTIFUL AND REFRACTS LIGHT IN ALL SORTS OF WAYS!! It can be made into a new sheet by melting to around 160 degrees with compression at the same time. I know acrylic isn't the main issue in the plastic world globally BUT theres A LOT of waste that we cant see behind the scenes in factories, studios, schools etc. It all started in my UNI noticing these offcuts lying around. I have source of offcuts from various units waste, manufacturing companies and designers who use acrylic and laser cutter, they end up with bits... give em to me!!


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