Used to study product design and material engineering, worked with wood a little bit, and now I am a bit lost and trying to do something usefull. Tired of wandering around, I want to get my hands dirty and to build things. I want to learn and practice several technics. I am very curious and thirsty of practical knowledge. I am kind of fed up with the system we're living in, not focusing on the real issues, giving less and less care to the people I feel like this whole thing doesn't have any humanity in it anymore. I think building smaller autonmous communities is one way to go. Makes everything easier and more real in my sense. Re learning how to build and fix, making people curious. Might sound utopic but it makes sense doesn't it ? Also one of my secret desires is to learn how to make cheese, because man... cheese... that's the shit...

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Machine building, Product Design, Graphic Design, Writing, Engineering, Constructing, Cooking

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