tripPLAYstic (Precious Plastic Madrid)

We are a collective with the vision of abase the use of plastic, trying to generate impact in the hearts, following mainly three lines: 1 build / invent / improve the beautiful plastic machines, creating useful objects, now very focused on transforming the plastic into tiles for mandalas integrated into floors and walls. 2 the exhibition, use and teaching of the construction of the precious plastic machines 3 Sensitize: we combine the use of machines with dynamics, proyections of documentaryes,activities as gatherings of national and international youth that connect them with the pain of the world, researching and co-creating alternatives and empowering them to build machines as well as givings workshops at festivals.

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Machine building, Product Design, Graphic Design, Networking, Video Making, Business, Community work, Engineering, Constructing, Connecting, Moderator


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