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02/04/2020 at 18:38

Hi all,

I created Snuffit for tackling the cigarette butt problem. I am Finnish, but live in Italy.
We have now come a long way on the road on how to put a dent in the problem. Some problems I would like you to be aware of:
1, Products like surfboards, asphalt etc. are only postponing the problem, the toxins are encapsulated and will eventually leak out
2. Permission, you should find out what the legislation in your area about the upcycling of cigarette butts before doing it.
3. There are not enough butts. We developed different uses for the butts, we are still starting up and still doing research, but we will have to select wisely not to run out of butts. One of the big problems is that when doing this on an industrial scale we need large quantities. And since we are talking waste it is not likely that we can do it on a DIY scale because of legislation.
4. CBs are  a fantastic raw material, but need to be cleaned in a correct way before use. This can be done with very simple household cleaning chemicals, but we need to remedy the cleaning solutions as well. We are now trying to develop a way of using the waste from cleaning the CBs as a raw material in itself or extracting the pollutants from the solutions.
5. As for Terracycle they make the CB waste into thermoplastics mixed with other plastics, I do not know what their mixer is, but to me it seems like we should aim at making the end product as simple as possible to be possible to recycle again.

I could write a very long essay but if you are interested please ask me and I will try to answer as best i can.

Upzigle, It would be a pleasure to work together, but I think this is rather difficult because of legislation.

Attached some paper made of CBs and plants growing in CB growth substrate in our modular greenhouse
Maybe after the Corona crisis we can somehow work together.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)