Zachary Graber

I have been following this PP project/ movement for 3-4 years now, I have been inspired for the longest time to build machines, work with local resources, and start a shop, but at the time was in school. I spent a year in college and ended up dropping out, and have been working as an electrician for the past year and a half. I would love to transition into having a collection/ shredding work-space and could easily fund the project with my college savings I've hardly used (figure is around $120k). With the work that the PP team has put in over the past year+, I now have the confidence to do my research and put myself out there to learn the logistics and connect with others with making my dreams a reality. I've found the most passion with creating things and working with my hands, and having a greater purpose in life, and I feel like being involved in this movement would fulfill that more than anything I could imagine. I am located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, home to the Packer's, significantly known for the packaging industry which is an extremely high concentrated area for plastic waste products. I believe that partnering with local businesses and larger factories to be able to take in plastic waste, and shred it and repurpose it, and offer raw material or molded parts, would be a huge opportunity to intercept a lot of plastic that would otherwise end up as waste, a thing that the United States has the worst issue with by far, especially with commercial businesses and factories. I would also like to incorporate molding/ sheet-pressing to create long term use products that could attract customers and bring attention to the greater issue. There's a lot to digest but I hope that I can become a helpful contributor to this project and I hope to one day be able to run a business and do my part! Thank you for reading this and taking the time to do so. It would be a dream come true to fulfill the dreams I had mentioned, and I hope one day it all works out.

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