May 4, 2017

Plastic Recycling at Naga Earth 🇰🇭

“Every positive action is a step in the right direction. Do your part.” Kudos from @nagaearthsiemreap team from Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Naga Earth is a non – profit social enterprise that works on various recycling projects to reduce the environmental impact of the tourism industry in Siem Reap. Tim Waterfield, one of the team, works in Siem Reap on environmental projects for 9 years. They start working on Precious Plastic machine in March 2017 after realising the huge plastic waste problem in Cambodia. Due to current trash collection system, most of the plastic waste is being incinerated on streets or backyards. That’s why Naga Earth received some request from hotels and restaurants to work with. (Couldn’t be more fortunate that people are aware of current plastic waste issues and seek for solution 😉 )

As a non – profit social enterprise, they started their plastic recycling program by organising crowd fund events. They manage to get their first injection machine tested soon with a group of talented volunteers. The injection machine will be soon in good company with the shredder. Yet, we can’t wait to see the progress!

“I see two shredders, one molding machine, one extruder, one heated compressor and one 3D printer running 5 days a week at our factory, operated by volunteers and recycling as much plastic as possible.” 🚀

They plan to recycle as much plastic waste as possible and come out with valuable products for the tourism industry in Siem Reap. Their biggest challenges are the lack of CNC mill and suitable laser cutter in Cambodia. Anyone out there that knows where to source them, feel free to get in touch with @nagaearthsiemreap

Besides plastic recycling projects, Naga Earth also works with different recycling projects such as converting cooking oil into biodiesel or soap and paper recycling. Go check them out to know more about this inspiring non-profit social enterprise!