October 29, 2018

What happend to Phonebloks? Today its been 5 years ago!

29th of October. Today 5 years ago since the Thunderclap of Phonebloks. A graduation project. It was never my intention to spend a lot of time on this. Wasn’t super interested (or felt I was able) to develop a phone myself.  I felt I could be more useful working on the plastic problem. Developing machines, designing products etc.

So I made a video to share the phone project with the world. A lot of stuff happend in that time, from a school project, viral on the internet, hanging out in Silicon Valley to a thrown away Ara.

Years later that is still my most common question, “what happend with phonebloks.” Just for this jubilee I made this video.  So if you ever ever come across someone on there on the internet asking. Show them this. Have fun and if you want to help Kite go here 🙂