April 20, 2015

With Precious Plastic we are trying to make plastic recycle machines that can be re-build all over the world. Everyone should be able to download the technical drawings and visit local workshops to get the materials and tools you need to make them.

We take this quite serious and spend a lot of our development-time finding the right universal tools and materials that can be found everywhere in the world. Last week we went to Ghana, Africa for research. Visit local workspaces, toolshops and machine builders. Finding out what materials are available, what technical knowledge they have and what kind of tools they use. In general they are less developed as the western world and have limited tools and materials available.However labor is much cheaper, this makes them use tools in a very different way and they are extremely good in reusing materials. Taking old broken products apart and sell the spare parts again, creating a huge market of universal components you can buy. –Specially from the automotive industry. It is very inspiring to see them at work and learn about their creative solutions.


You can find local shops for buying spare parts all over Ghana.


Lots of old car parts are being sold.


One of the very many shops with a specific collection, chains.


The automotive industry is great start if you are looking for universal products available all over the world.

5_extrusieLocal made machinery

We got really excited when we found these machines, made to press juice out fruits. Work-wise its very similar to an extrusion machine. This model is  build and developed locally, we are using the same bearings and metal strips. Which is good. –it means they have the tools and materials to rebuild our machines. However we haven’t thought about powering it with a diesel motor like that, could be worth trying.