July 3, 2018

Esferica sunglasses 🤘

For the past week, I’ve been hanging around Barcelona to do some work and enjoy some Spanish vibes. And what a better opportunity to go and visit one of the most exciting Precious Plastic reality, the guys at Taller Esferica.


Tallers Esferica
As I met Marc & Aniol they had just moved into their new office at the City Nest Lab, an incredible co-working/co-living/co-producing/co-everything space newly opened in the thriving El Poblenou district. Needless to say they were super excited to be part of this space with sustainability at its core. This is where they do business, meetings, office work and workshops with companies and people.


Next door is their workspace, where the cool stuff happens (or at least from our eyes  👀 ). In this little-overheated space Taller Esferica has been pushing Precious Plastic products design, and machine hacking, through the roof helping us show the world the infinite opportunities of working with plastic “waste”. A small space but with all you need to develop a serious Precious Plastic workspace.


Hacked injections
Since they started back at V1, their full focus has been on the injection machine. They originally built one following our drawings, then felt they needed more pressure for their Pot Claus and made a new injection machine with longer lever and finally started all over again to make sure they could create their brand new product, fully recycled Precious Plastic sunglasses 😎 The new machine is able to provide way more pressure through a new combination of a carjack and a rotary-to-linear system they found in the scrapyard.


😎 🤘

Yes exactly, you’ve heard it right. Taller Esferica is now making fully recycled plastic sunglasses. Which is super exciting in many ways. The sunglasses look and feel professional but with an extra touch of handmade that can be found in the finishing and unpredictable patterns. Holding the sunglasses they feel very lightweight- which could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you shape your marketing. And I absolutely love the screw detail, which is made out of the same plastic as the frame making it easier to further recycled it in the future


Crazy moulds
To make the sunglasses they had to come up with two different moulds, one for the frames and one for the temples. They look super solid and well thought off, even though it wasn’t an easy job as they confessed me. Once they designed it, prototyped and tested it a great challenge was to find the over two thousand Euros to produce them.


Next steps
After one and a half year of development, they’re now ready for production. Their plan is to do workshops to “make your own sunglasses” as well as starting to sell them in stores and online. We honestly wish them the best of lucks with their project- you can be sure we’ll be the first ones to get hold of a pair each 😄 🤞


Help them
If you have experience on how to market, sale or promote sunglasses and want to help them out they could do with some professional help on that. Get in contact with them or comment below your idea to make this project a super success.