June 26, 2018

Mono workspace

Someone said less is more. On our website we provide all you need to know to build your own plastic recycling machines. We teach you how to make four of them. Shredder, Injection, Extrusion and Compression. However, we never said you should make them all at once. We actually think it is much smarter and more efficient to start with one or two. Master one and move onto the next one.


Starting off working with one or two machines helps you to focus and learn much more efficiently. This approach should help you to reduce the variables involved and the cognitive load associated while reducing the learning curve. You can learn much faster if you’re working with just one machine as you have less inputs to process, remember and understand. Upon strengthening the understanding of one machine and gathering the necessary experience you can then move onto the next one.


Some of the most successful people in our community work this ways, mastering one process at a time.

Take as an example our Ukrainian extrusion masters, Zelenew (@zelenew). They work with a shredder and an extrusion machine. That’s it. They stubbornly iterate and improve their techniques and outputs day after day. Their success comes from fully focusing on one machine and gaining clinical experience over the years. No distractions, just good old craftsmanship.


Or again take our German friends at Kunststoffschmiede (@carlf) and their fantastic injected products. They work with one shredder and one injection machine. Believe me, this two machines alone provide you with plenty of space for research and learning. You could go on for years without getting bored. Kunststoffschmiede’s products are now some of our points of pride for their exceptional precision and thoughtfulness. And this is the result of full focus on one process, I doubt they would have been able to come up with such incredible products if they were simultaneously trying out the extrusion or compression machine.


And last our buddies’ at Taller Esferica (@@talleresferica) in Barcelona. They only work with the injection to create their phenomenal sunglasses. Their full focus for the past year has been developing an appropriate mould for the sunglasses and hacking the injection machine to fit their needs.
Again, one machine + full focus = success.   


When you begin working on Precious Plastic it can be tempting to jump right onto making all four machines and try out different techniques and processes. We, ourself, did just that 😓 However, the learning overload is very steep and demanding. Requiring extraordinary time and dedication. Do yourself a favour and reduce this workload focusing on one or two machines. You’ll thank me eventually 😉


We’re now developing a new pilot with a partner in Bangladesh where we will be testing this very concept, the mono workspace. We will create a workspace focusing on just one shredder and one extrusion. The aim is to master and become crazy efficient at one process which will hopefully result in higher chances of success. More to come soon.


What do you think?
What is your experience in this regards? Did you also encounter the above issues? Are you working on multiple machines too and struggling with it? Or maybe prefer it? Let us know your view in the comments below so we can all learn from each other. And click that ❤ below.. makes us happy 😀