April 8, 2020

Precious Plasticʼs response to COVID-19

The Corona virus is now in its maturity, from a little clickbait in January to a global pandemic affecting everyoneʼs life. For obvious reasons, COVID-19 is all people talk about from their quarantined cubicles. Fortunately, on top of all the talking there is also quite some action from people around the world.

Our amazing Precious Plastic community quickly got busy to create solutions to the growing pandemic challenging our globalised society. After many years sharpening their expertise recycling plastic, the community has aptly shifted focus towards finding solutions to combat the crises. Without wasting time multiple Precious Plastic workspaces from different regions started working on designs, moulds and products. To help connecting them and sharing learning weʼve rapidly setup a Discord channel to power the global response.

We made a little page on our website to showcase all the solutions that have been designed and produced in the space of just a few weeks. For instance, Precious Plastic Gran Canaria designed and produced Intensive Care Respirator masks to help alleviate shortages in local hospitals. Precious Plastic La SaforPlasticpreneurkunststoffschmiede and again Precious Plastic Gran Canaria all developed their own versions of face visors to provide vital protective equipment for the volunteers, nurses and doctors working at their regional hospitals across Europe. And finally, Alumoulds  (Greece) worked in partnership with  Precious Plastic Leman  (Switzerland) to design these injected hands free openers helping people open doors and reduce the spread of the virus through contact.

In this special occasion, where chaos and immediate needs drove decision making such Precious Plastic products managed to make it through the bureaucracy and tight hygienic standards of hospitals and help save lives. Plus, in this extra ordinary days it is ok to use Precious Plastic machines with virgin plastic when needed to meet health and hygiene standards.

This crises shows the incredible potentials of Precious Plastic. All the designs are open source and produced using the Injection machine, meaning the items can be produced at one of the hundreds workspaces around the world already equipped with the injection machine. While many people around the world are using 3D printers to make similar items, Precious Plasticʼs injection machine can produce these items around 50+ times faster. This shows how the distributed and faster nature of Precious Plastic can be of great advantage for a distributed and local production.